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Leasing your investment property to MNT Projects is a clever move - with benefits.

1. As a Professional tenant we present your property in its best light so that we attract better residents. You will find that the property gets taken care of better than a standard tenant would look after it.

Gardeners visit the property when required, leaving the gardens presented beautifully. A cleaner cleans the common areas every fortnight and keeps an eye on the property.

2. As the head tenant we have to pay 4 weeks bond which sits as security for the owner. That is the normal protection mechanism for rental properties against loss of rent and damage.

In addition we also have the security deposits from the residents which means we have 8-12 weeks bond protecting the property.


3. As the head tenant we also become the landlord. That means we must acquire contents insurance, building replacement insurance, public liability insurance and loss of rent insurance. There is a great likelihood that the owner's insurance premium can be reduced by 30-50% per year.

4. As a long term tenant of 3 years or more there is no better outcome for the property owner to know that their agent will not be charging a letting fee for every tenant that moves in and out. As we are paying rent for the next 3 years the owner is only paying one letting fee.

A 3 year lease means zero vacancies on the property. The owner can have peace of mind knowing that they will have rent coming in for the next 156 weeks (3 years) and not lose a cent of rental income for the entire time.


5. In each state there is a minimum fire and safety standard that is required to protect residents. We always protect our residents and for that reason we upgrade the property to the highest standard of linked smoke detectors in all habitable areas and also emergency lighting. That is at our cost and can save the landlord up to $6,000

To ensure that we qualify for insurance not only do we require smoke detector upgrades but we also must install fire extinguishers, exit door hardware and evacuation diagrams. This again is a cost that we incur and save the owner money.



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